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Anjos 40

sunset house
  • Order Date:
    Novembro 2021
  • Final Date:
    Maio 2023
  • Client:
    True Memories & Spark Capital

Anjos 40


Located in the characteristic district of Anjos, the Anjos 40 project is a project for the rehabilitation and total renovation of an old building in which the original features will be kept, reflecting all its architectural and cultural heritage.
Through the cooperation between teams of architects and engineers with extensive experience in rehabilitation projects for old buildings, this rehabilitation will achieve high standards of quality and modernity in all apartments, thus offering their owners a unique opportunity and experience. to live in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Lisbon and enjoy an urban and cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Consisting of 19 apartments, the project offers types between T1 and T3 and areas between 37m2 and 111 m2. As such, it is perfect for both families and individual use, as all units benefit from excellent sun exposure. It was also with a view to making the entire building a more familiar space, with common spaces, that a patio was designed, which did not exist in the original building.
The lines and design adopted for the apartments reflect all the experience and inspiration of the architects and designers, who sought to create contemporary spaces, having paid full attention to the choice of materials and finishes in order to create modern environments, combining quality and aesthetics.

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