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Rua São Bento nº384

sunset house
  • Order Date:
    August 2015
  • Final Date:
    July 2017
  • Client:
    True Memories, Lda

São Bento Building is located at nº 384-388 of the emblematic São Bento Street, next to the Museum house of the famous fado singer Amália Rodrigues. In the neighbouring streets, you can find the Assembly of the Republic and an immense amount of great antique dealers that are scattered among this well-known street.

The building consists of 6 floors, one for commerce and 5 housing units. Each floor has a single fraction, with a T2 apartment of ideal size for the best comfort of the residents.

Before rehabilitation, this was an extremely old building, in need of major structural intervention. It was about to be completely demolished at the time of its acquisition! Thanks to a major structural project, it ended up being completely rehabilitated, maintaining all existing walls and the central staircase core.

This structural intervention was in charge of the A2P engineering office, with a project by engineer Vasco Appleton, who managed to maintain all the relevant elements of the building. We also managed to maintain its structure and style, and it currently guarantees the best housing and comfort conditions.

Regarding the facades, in the main elevation, the spans were maintained, as well as the stone and metallic elements. In the rear elevation, the spans have undergone some changes. Some windows were transformed into doors, and a set of metal balconies covered with hydraulic mosaic was created, which now gives a new life to the building, and provides it with a modern atmosphere.

The courtyard located at the back has been completely recovered. Now, there is a pleasant outdoor living area for the 1st-floor duplex. This area also contains new balconies, which are supported in this space.

Despite having been recovered according to the original wooden construction method, the building was completely covered with a concrete sheet on the existing walls, and reinforced with some metallic elements, allowing for a better structure and comfort.

The roof is completely new, and the new zinc bedpans have given this top floor an abundance of natural light and space.

The building was also duly insulated, acoustically and thermally, to provide thermal comfort and tranquillity to the residents. The spans are made of wood with double glazing and thermal cut, and the shading is made from interior wooden shutters, identical to the original ones.

Would you like to know more about this incredible story of the rehabilitation of a building that was about to be demolished, and is now a building with fantastic conditions? Contact the True Memories team for more information.

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