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Beco da Formosa

sunset house
  • Order Date:
    June 2017
  • Final Date:
    July 2019
  • Client:
    True Memories, Lda

Beco da Formosa is a building located in the heart of Bairro de Alfama, a typical Lisbon neighbourhood, where the small streets transport us to the friendly Beco da Formosa (Formosa Alley). The building has 5 floors, 4 above the threshold level and 1 below, and it’s currently being used exclusively for residential fractions.

Due to the lack of maintenance over the years, the building had major problems in terms of coverage, slabs, and frames. It had low housing and health conditions, requiring a great deal of intervention to substantially improve its state of conservation.

A stability project was created by the A2P Office, which resulted in immense structural intervention work. We managed to maintain the building and give it a new life. Its original structure was maintained, and the building was completely renovated from an interior point of view.

We also made changes in terms of acoustic and thermal comfort. For instance, a staircase that is now much easier to climb after the intervention, and a renovated environment that makes the stay highly pleasant. Currently, whoever is inside the building will certainly notice the fantastic conditions of comfort in terms of temperature, tranquility, and a clean and modern environment.

The building also gained new spans facing south that did not have until then, providing now a wonderful view of the Tagus River on the top floors! We completely renovated the roof and connected it to the top floor. After the intervention, this penthouse gave way to a magnificent and luxurious suite, where you can benefit from the most magical view of the entire building.

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