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Alameda Terraces - Lisbon, Portugal

sunset house
  • Order Date:
    March 2020
  • Final Date:
    June 2021
  • Client:
    Flamingo Embrace, Lda


This real estate project, Alameda Terraces, was born out of the desire to transform an old ice factory that was built in 1930. Before the project’s rehabilitation, the entire set was in an advanced state of degradation. The building is inserted inside a housing block, with direct access to Rua Actor Vale nº 9 from an existing tunnel under an edifice.

In conceptual terms, the entire area of the factory was mostly maintained and compartmentalized to implement 13 housing fractions. There was a need to make the place inhabitable, and to create the best living conditions – our team made several reconstructions.

An opening was created on the ground floor, which gives rise to a courtyard where natural light enters, keeping warm those enjoying this outdoor space and while filling with light fractions of the floor found under. In addition to this marvellous outdoor area, a green backyard was also created with an intention to be enjoyed by those from apartments on floor -1, giving them direct access to it.

The roof of the factory has undergone considerable changes where the traditional tile and the fibre cement roof gave way to terraces, providing the apartments with pleasant outdoor areas, surrounded by vegetation that keeps the place feeling fresh while providing privacy.

The entire building’s design is minimalistic and modern. Simple metallic elements in black, mixed with the white and green details of plants, provide inhabitants with a clean and sophisticated environment contributing to their overall well-being in this living environment.

We recommend a visit to this magnificent building, to see for yourself the fantastic conditions of comfort and amazing design that Alameda Terraces has to offer.

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