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Ourique D'Or

sunset house
  • Order Date:
    November 2020
  • Final Date:
    March 2023
  • Client:
    Lotusolhar, Lda


This real estate project is located at Rua de Campo de Ourique nº 164 and 166, at the beginning of Rua Ferreira Borges. In the heart of Campo de Ourique, this building is located in one of the most peaceful neighbourhoods in Lisbon, even though it is found in the cities centre and surrounded by a variety of shops in the surrounding streets.

The project currently consists of two adjoining buildings, located next to one of the main accesses to the neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique. These buildings are from the end of the 19th century and maintain a common pattern, functioning morphologically as a single building. Although, they have two distinct entrances, implanted in two legally autonomous building units.

The facade of the buildings visually expresses what is most traditional in Portugal. The white and dark green tiles, with floral and geometric motifs, give the building its charisma. The reconstruction is done carefully, to recover and maintain the tiles so that the buildings do not lose their typical Portuguese personality.

Both buildings are currently very decayed, both inside and outside, as a result of the lack of conservation and maintenance works.

When analyzing the architecture of the buildings and its surroundings, it was decided to join the two buildings into one. One of the main objectives of a rehabilitation project is to keep the housing space fully integrated into the spirit of the neighbourhood. Thus, its design, characteristics and components will be maintained.

The materials adopted include the use of natural materials, such as stone and wood, as well as metallic elements with a golden finish. The existing interior doors, access doors to the apartments and stone elements, will be properly treated to allow us to feature these original elements in the building whenever this is possible.

The two buildings have 1925.00 m2 of gross construction area, they are developed in 5 floors with 35 fractions, with typologies that vary between T0 and T1.

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